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Welcome to our Quarterly Newsletter

In this we are going Back to the Basics – Dental Basics – Toothbrushes, Flossing and how to ensure that you achieve and maintain the brightest, healthiest smile possible.

Tooth Brushes: Look for a brush with soft bristles, which will brush without hurting your gums. Replace your brush once bristles wear out. Toss your toothbrush after dealing with a viral disease. Having a right toothbrush is a smart and inexpensive way to encourage oral health.

To learn more about Proper Brushing Technique, Click the following Link:

Floss:  Easiest way to control plaque is to floss between your teeth daily.

Break off 18” of floss and wrap around middle fingers.
Using thumbs and forefingers guide floss between your teeth as deep as you can and slide the floss up and down in a gentle rubbing motion. Repeat with each tooth. 

To learn more about Proper Flossing Technique, Click the following Link:

Ask us about various inter dental aids and toothbrushes and which is best for you. 

It is important to take care of your tongue too by cleaning it properly and having it examined by your dentist during regular dental visits.

Teeth stain over time due to our daily habits of eating and drinking certain foods. Our office has a number of ways to eliminate stains and put back a brilliant white smile back on your face.

Call us today to book your next dental check up or your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you and working to help you get that sparkle in your smile!